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AviatrixA Gift Card

AviatrixA Gift Card

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Not sure if that recent rating was the initial flight instructor or instrument instructor? Does your female pilot fly both aircraft and helicopters? Is your flight attendant very selective about her jewelry? Or maybe you just want her to choose her favorite products. Then an AviatrixA gift card is right for you!

After purchase, you'll receive an email with a URL to the gift card, which also may be saved to an Apple Wallet. (It's not a physical card, but you can print it out.)

No shipping fee.

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smiling woman enamel pilot mug

Fly Like a Girl!

Or a woman... or an aviatrix... or just a pilot! We want to have fun with flight training and flying adventures, so no disrespect is meant when we call the women in aviation "girls." No matter how you refer to yourself, get out there and show the boys what a great pilot you are.

  • Made in Our Hangar

    We started AviatrixA with many print on demand items. But now we're bringing things in-house, well in-hangar in our case. We are hand printing and pressing t-shirts, crafting mugs and tumblers, and stocking all your favorites around our airplanes. This is not an overnight process, so bear with us the next few months as we move most everything over. We know you will love our products as much as we love making them to brighten your day! As always, blue skies.

  • An Aviatrix-Owned Small Business

    AviatrixA was founded in 2015 by a female pilot looking to make extra funds for flight lessons by selling t-shirts. Based in a small town in California, the inspiration for our original, female-centric aviation products comes from 12 years of general aviation flying and flight instruction. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do!