Collection: Instrument

Having learned to fly, the next challenge is, in effect, doing it without looking out the window – the Instrument Rating. Learning the highways of the sky, avoiding granite clouds (ahem, mountains) and knowing when a pilot shouldn’t fly into weather are the hallmarks of the fly-in-the-clouds rating.

It is A LOT of work:

  • Mastering stabilized approaches
  • Flying obstacle departures
  • Learning new charts, plates and symbols to learn
  • Memorizing different rules and regulations
  • More precision and delicate control movements

But it is also very gratifying to shoot a perfect approach, break out to minimums in real life or in the sim, and see a runway lit up before you. You’ve got this rating under control and you’re Cloudy Day Okay. Have some fun flying in those clouds or punching through low clouds levels keeping the VFR-only on the ground.

Celebrate your aviatrix accomplishment with a Cloudy Day Okay item! A great gift for a pilot who completed their Instrument rating too.