Collection: Flight Instructor Instrument

The Double-I, what can we say? While often thought of an add-on to the CFI, the responsibilities of the CFI-I are great. Flying correct instrument procedures can be a life or death matter, whether single pilot IFR or with a plane-load of passengers on board.

Knowing where you are and staying ahead of the plane are essential skills to be taught, and you will do it well. ODP, STAR, RNAV, MDA, LNAV, LPV, ILS – the CFI-I must understand a litany of acronyms as well, so all the studying paid off when you get that temporary rating certificate after your checkride.

Celebrate that teach-in-the-clouds accomplishment with a Double-I Am I item. A great gift for your instrument instructor, or a fun way to show the world your new teaching skill.