About Us

AviatrixA was founded in 2015 by a female pilot looking to make extra funds for flight lessons. It was called Aviatrix Tees and was a very small online store specializing in t-shirts for female pilots. Life got in the way and the store languished, until the worldwide pandemic hit. A year into COVID restrictions and getting very little flying done, the idea for re-launching the store blossomed and here we are.

AviatrixA's primary customer is the female pilot – and we hate that we have to add "female," but with only 7% of us out there, we want to define our customers. But many products we offer will also delight the female flight attendant, ramp agent, dispatcher and controller, many of whom are also planning to one day get to the other side of that flight deck door. In any case, we salute ALL of you women in aviation and the men who support your efforts.

AviatrixA is an aviatrix-owned small business located in a small town in California. The inspiration for our original, female-centric aviation products comes from 8 years of general aviation flying and flight instruction. We know what is is like out there for female pilots: the self-doubt, the conscious and unconscious gender discrimination, and the fact that half these planes weren't built for small, short or wide bodies. The truth is, the plane doesn't know if a man or woman is flying it and we are just as good pilots if we believe we are.

And, we strongly believe the future is female. Girls and young women today are growing up in a world with more opportunities than ever. So it is important to get out there, show your aviatrix pride and encourage these young women to follow in your footsteps. Because you can't be what you can't see.

Enjoy browsing our new shop. We're adding items weekly and building out the various product sections as we design or find more wonderful things we know our customers will love. And if you want to suggest something or let us know what you thought of your order, use our contact form.

Happy aviating!