Hello Aviatrix World!

Hello Aviatrix World!

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Welcome to our new AviatrixA Blog. We plan to showcase the ladies earning their First Solo wings, as well as anyone who wants to share a favorite product or how AviatrixA makes flying more fun!

Our Yolo First Solo FREE sticker offer for student pilots is step one. Within six months of a first solo, we will send a holographic sticker to them absolutely free. Check out this offer here: Yolo First Solo FREE Sticker

Yolo First Solo holographic sticker

We want our visitors to become customers, and our customers to become repeat customers. So share photos of you and your friends in our clothing or wearing our aviation jewelry and we'll add you to our blog. Just email us: shop@aviatrixa.com.

It is hard to build a small business that truly cares about its customers. We want to make shopping here worry-free and fun. We test products in advance to make sure they are as advertised, and we won't stock any products that don't live up to our own standards. If something looks odd – like a too high shipping charge – we will make it right.

What we can't do, unfortunately, is exchange print on demand products for other sizes because, well..... they are truly printed when you order to your size and color specifications. But if something looks off on the printing (smudged, streaked) let us know and we'll work with our vendor. Same goes for jewelry for obvious hygienic reasons.

We look forward to your first First Solo pics and stories coming in soon. Until then, blue skies and favorable winds.


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