First Solos: Suny, Kristen, Danielle, and Keely

Our first post of first solos! Congrats ladies and best wishes as you continue on in  aviation.

Suny Portalatin - Oct 10, 2021

Suny flew her first solo at KFFZ, Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ. she writes, "The weather was great. I was terrified at first, but once I took off on my own it suddenly felt natural, like this is what I was born to do! I didn't want to stop. I did a total of 5 take offs and landings. I am really thankful for the confidence my CFI instilled in me."

Kristen Hardy - Sept 27, 2021

First solo at MidCarolina Airport in Kannapolis, NC in a C150 she likes to call “Maggie.” Kristen writes, "It was a magical experience! I curated the perfect playlist for it too! That definitely helped calm my nerves."

Danielle Gibson - August 15, 2021

Her solo was at the Provo airport. The weather was a little foggy, and she says she "had the best time!"

Keely Vogt - August 28, 2021


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